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Why Should I Learn Java

Novice Friendliness 

By and large, Java was intended to be moderately fledgling benevolent in that it expect the software engineer is not that brilliant or watchful, so developers will be less inclined to shoot themselves in the foot when coding Java applications.

Generally Simple to Use 
Why Should I Learn Java
Why Should I Learn Java

Java is an abnormal state dialect, which implies Java abstracts away (i.e. handles for you) the vast majority of the mind-boggling points of interest of the machine (PC, for example, memory administration, and so forth. Therefore, you can concentrate on programming as opposed to agonizing over the little subtle elements many consider both dull and troublesome.

Less Rewarding from the Start 

Java is exceptionally unshakable and verbose, which implies you have to compose a great deal of code attempting to persuade the dialect to fabricate some element. Accordingly, you may need to invest a ton of energy coding before you can get a working application. This might be demotivating for coding amateurs.


Less demanding to Maintain 

Java is a statically-written dialect, which implies your code should be checked for mistakes before it can be incorporated with an application. This implies blunders will be simpler to find. Moreover, since statically-wrote dialects are additionally more strict with the meanings of things, you will have less bizarre and sudden mistakes, which implies your codebase will be less demanding to keep up as it develops in size and many-sided quality.


As a statically wrote dialect, Java is speedier than powerfully written dialects since things are all the more unmistakably characterized. In this manner, when the application is running, your machine's assets won't be squandered on checking the meaning of something in your code.

Enhanced Performance 

Present day Java projects are currently significantly more performant on account of develop JIT (without a moment to spare) compilers and enhanced JVMs, as execution can be improved continuously to help a Java program run quicker. This is exceptionally useful as your application becomes bigger or necessities to deal with more procedures.


Group size is vital on the grounds that the bigger a programming dialect group is, the more support you'd probably get. As you venture into the programming scene, you'll soon see how imperative support is, as the engineer group is about giving and accepting assistance. Also, the bigger a group, the more individuals will assemble helpful apparatuses to make improvement in that specific dialect less demanding.

Starting at now, there are more than 600 striking programming dialects around the world. Thus, in view of that specific situation, how about we dive into the subtle elements of the Java people group estimate.

second Largest StackOverflow Community 

StackOverflow is a programming Q&A site you will probably get to be distinctly close with as a coding learner. Java has a tremendous group for both back-end web advancement and Android improvement.

fourth Largest Meetup Community 

At meetups, you can for the most part system and gain from kindred engineers. Meetups frequently offer mentorship to the individuals who need it also. There are more than 1.4k Java Meetup bunches, totaling more than 580k individuals around the world. Regarding programming dialects, Java has the fourth biggest meetup group.

second Most-labeled Language at GitHub

The more valuable ventures there are, the more probable somebody has officially assembled a capacity you require and fabricated it well, which will extraordinarily accelerate your advancement procedure. GitHub has more than 1.5 million Java ventures, more than 1.1k of which have been featured by more than 500 individuals, making it second place regarding valuable undertakings.,

All in all, the Java biological community is very enormous and develop, so there are a lot of good apparatuses and libraries that will extraordinarily facilitate the way toward creating Java applications and learning Java as a rule.

Vocation Opportunities 


Pay data from gooroo.io 

Java is the third Most Demanded Skill on Angel list. Numerous tech goliaths, for example, Google or Amazon additionally utilize Java to build up the back end of their sites, and on the grounds that Java has entirely great execution, a considerable measure of new businesses who achieve the scaling point would coordinate their applications with Java to power includes that need great execution.

As indicated by Indeed.com, Java designers are sought after contrasted with different software engineers:


As indicated by the TIOBE Index, Java is the Most Popular Language in 2015

Java has a somewhat moderate redesign cycle regarding new forms to guarantee in reverse similarity, and ventures are ease back to embrace changes too, so this works out fine for both sides. Prophet claims Java so the dialect is effectively chipped away at to remain significant, and bugs are settled moderately rapidly.

In spite of the fact that Java has been scrutinized ordinarily and numerous dialects have attempted to supplant it as a superior Java, with the arrival of a superior (Java 8) amid March eighteenth, 2014, Java will obviously keep on staying important and will go solid, particularly since it as of now has many develop apparatuses and libraries that won't be anything but difficult to supplant.

Enthusiasm learning Java developed by 22.4% in 2015 

A writing computer programs dialect's capacity to remain pertinent and survive additionally relies on upon whether the dialect is getting fresh recruits, so plainly Java will keep on dominating in the years to come.

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