This site is for those students who visit lots of website for finding their school's projects program. in this website, you can get all basics program which is required in learning a language. if you need some other program you can comment or email us. Happy coding :)

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this website you may contact us
using the information below.
Sachin Pandey
Howrah, west Bengal 711204
Official E-mail:- sachin@helps2code.com
Personal E-mail:-  psachin094@gmail.com

About myself:-
 my name is Sachin Pandey. I am a student of computer application. making websites or any type of android app is my passion or you can say,  it is my hobby.

if you need any type of help regarding any program on this site you can contact me ...

I play Clash of clans. Town hall 8. 

I love to google more Than Bing. 


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